Organics Resource Management


Organics Waste Management

Overton Environmental has become a global leader in developing and implementing  industrial waste management strategies.

We operate a 30 acre materials handling facility with a registered 4-acre compost pad with capabilities to produce 50,000 tons per year.  


Advanced Composting Methods

OEE manages large volumes of forestry by products, green waste and agri-industrial organic wastes from a variety of sources. We customize/formulate recipes using sound management practices.

Concurrently we build high-value products using advanced ecological techniques. Our high value controlled microbial and fungal composts are important inputs to our EcoTea™ product line.


Organics Management Consulting

OEE offers expert consulting services to companies facing large-scale organic waste management and reclamation problems. 

Our clients include some of North America's largest food processors, pulp mills, municipalities and farm operations. We have successfully proven the waste to resource model by creating innovative biological solutions to waste management  

Advanced Composting


Humified Composting

OEE engineers a plant-based controlled microbial compost (CMC) based on the teachings of Siegfried and Uta Luebke of Austria. The principals behind CMC composting are based on the microbial creation of humus. 

Our premium CMC compost is offered in small quantities only, as it is build on a smaller more controlled scale. OEE CMC compost is used exclusively for EcoTea™ production. 


Wood Chips Composting

OEE processes large volumes of pine bark for major clients in soils manufacturing (horticulture). Using our large tub grinder we can grind up and blend various types of wood and other products to create advanced recipes for specialized compost. 

Some of our fungal products are aged more than two years.


Worm and Castings Production

OEE operates an industrial vermiculture operation at our Winnipeg Facility. 

Our worms are maintained using proprietary bedding and feeding processes that results in a high-quality consistent biological worm casting product.

We use Eisenia hortensis (the European Night Crawler) as our worms of choice because we feel they are more robust and better suited to our bedding and feeding techniques. Unfortunately our worm castings product is no longer available to purchase as is used exclusively for EcoTea™ production. 


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Compost Solutions

What goes into your compost is what makes the output work...