Current Projects

Overton Environmental builds bark compost

Bark Composting

We are currently building a custom pine-bark based product for a large horticultural soil manufacturing company.  Our trusted staff are qualified to construct custom compost blends for various industrial clients. 

Metagenome Analysis of EcoTea

Metagenome Analysis of EcoTea™

OEE has a complete metagenome analysis of bacterial and fungal communities contained within EcoTea™ products. We are currently expanding our database of microbes and developing methods to culture and mass produce an array of plant-growth-promoting-microbes. 

2015-2017 M.Sc. University of Manitoba


Agri-Industrial Composting

OEE is working with various Manitoba Agri-Food processors to design, build and operate a unique organics resource management facility in Manitoba - A first of its kind.  

Current Projects

Current Projects


Waste Management Contract

We are pleased to be working closely with JR Simplot Canada on developing new and innovative solutions to organics waste management challenges, their operations are and will be facing. By creating innovative value-add solutions to complex agri-industrial by-product streams, OEE aims to simplify and reduce operational costs and efficiencies long-term.

JR Simplot has invested $500 million to add a second processing line to their existing potato processing plant in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. 


Canfor Pulp

Overton Environmental is working with Canfor on creating innovative value-add solutions to thier current mechanical  and chemical pulp manufacturing facilities in British Columbia,   

OEE is committed to working on developing value-add products in an ecologically sustainable fashion. We are dedicated to helping Canfor to reduce operational  costs by creating value streams from by-products formerly vowed as waste. 


University of Manitoba

We have been working with the University of Manitoba on a metogenome studies with our product EcoTea™. We've been working with a team to identify and quantify the biological components of EcoTea™.