Current Projects

Bark Composting

We are currently building and shredding large volumes of bark compost for a large international corporation. 

Metagenome Analysis of EcoTea™

OEE has a complete metagenome analysis of bacterial and fungal communities contained within EcoTea™ Products. 

2015-2017 M.Sc. University of Manitoba

Agri-Industrial Composting

OEE is working with various Manitoba Agri-Food processors to design, build and operate a unique organics resource management facility in Manitoba - A first of its kind.  

Current Projects

Canfor Pulp

Overton Environmental is working on of the largest pulp manufacturers in Taylor, BC. We have conducted a three-phase project on, Mill Residual Waste Management. This project is in its second phase.

University of Manitoba

We have been working with the University of Manitoba in a genetics modification with our product EcoTea™. We've been working with a team who is seeing great results with our product.