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OEE Inc. develops innovative biotechnology solutions that reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides...

About Us


Overton Environmental (OEE) operates a diversified manufacturing company focused on creating sustainable crop inputs and implementing organic waste management solutions.

Utilizing the most advanced ecological techniques we have been able to engineer a variety of high-end microbial products. Our philosophy is based on returning resources back to the earth – from waste to resource is a fundamental goal in our business model. 

Company Vision

Our vision is to actively contribute to the development and establishment of ecologically sustainable food production systems, environmentally responsible communities and reducing climate change. 

Mission Statement

To develop innovative biotechnology solutions that reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, enhance environmental recovery and optimize organics waste management. 


Soil Ecology -

Why it's important for farmers and gardeners to consider soil ecology when planting.

EcoTea™ Sales Managers

British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia

Jed McGeachie



British Columbia

British Columbia

Leo Lutz


Saskatchewan / Manitoba

Saskatchewan / Manitoba

Saskatchewan / Manitoba

Braden Neuls



Saskatchewan / Manitoba

Saskatchewan / Manitoba

Rachelle Floin


EcoTea™ Production Sites

We have now setup and are distributing in the Alberta and Saskatchewan area.


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